Consultation / Psychotherapy

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Each professional contact begins in the form of a consultation. During such a consultation, I make a professional assessment of the relationships that the patient wants help with. It can involve the relationship with oneself, a partner relationship, children, or other family members. After the consultation, you should be able to decide whether psychotherapy is a viable path for you or if there is something else you can do. Many are satisfied with the consultation and the examination of the relationship it provides.

Often, the consultation results in one of the treatments you can read more about under the tabs family psychotherapy and couples psychotherapy. In a consultation, the assessment may lead to the conclusion that one person in the family or couple needs individual conversations to move forward and resolve the dilemma that has arisen in the family or couple. In those cases, individual sessions are suggested.

Family Psychotherapy

Family psychotherapy is a treatment in which the whole or parts of the family participate. Dilemmas addressed in family psychotherapy can involve children, the parent team, or the third generation. It can be concerns with the parents’ parents, in-laws, or other relatives. When parents do not live together, they can receive help with dilemmas that arise when new family formations occur in relation to children, previous partners, or the other parent through family psychotherapy.

Couples Psychotherapy

Couples psychotherapy aims to increase understanding of what generates the concerns and dilemmas that the couple seeks help for. It can lead to the couple developing a relationship that improves and symptoms of dysfunction disappear, just as couples psychotherapy can lead to the couple deciding to go separate ways. Couples seek help, for example, because “feelings” no longer exist, they do not understand each other, infidelity, or conflicts that wear on the relationship. A couples psychotherapist has various methods and tools that help the couple develop the partner relationship and understand more about how they need to change and alter different conditions to eliminate the symptoms of the dysfunctional relationship they seek help for.