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Madeleine Cocozza lectures in the couples relationship

Family Building – the lecture that helps you build a family! The functions, challenges, and care of the couple relationship - how can you as a professional help couples towards change when dilemmas arise?

The lecture is based on the theory and practice of designing the family system as presented in the book “Family Life – On Close Relationships.”

During the lecture, the entire family system is initially highlighted to then focus on the couple relationship. The lecture is aimed at professionals working with family therapy and couple relationships. It presents theoretical and practical tools for reflecting on functions in the couple relationship and helping the couple change their relationship.

From the content:

  • A review of how the family system, of which the couple relationship is a part, is structured; a description of the boundaries that are built-in.
  • An overview of the different functions of the couple relationship and how the various functions can create dilemmas.
  • How do you distinguish the different parts of the concept of love?
  • How do you care for your couple relationship?
  • Working with the family’s food circle
  • What does a parenting team entail?
  • What is the relationship between the parenting team and the couple relationship?
  • The relationship to the families of origin and the value of the concept of family culture.
  • The status of the erotic relationship; dormant, dried up, or dead?
  • Divorce and its various stages.