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Madeleine Cocozza lectures on family building for the general public

Family Building – the lecture that helps you build a family!

The lecture is based on the theory and practice in the design of the family system as presented in the book “Family Life – About Close Relationships”. Couples and parents come to family psychotherapists when problems have already arisen. The lecture is intended to serve as a reflection tool for prevention purposes. It gives parents/couples the opportunity to reflect, discuss, and develop their parenting team and couple relationship at an early stage.

From the content:

  • How to build a family that lasts a lifetime?
  • Project leaders in the family, what different leadership styles exist?
  • The couple relationship, how to keep it alive?
  • The love funnel and the importance of a qualified partnership.
  • The family’s food circle; presentation of the model.
  • What is the relationship between the couple relationship and the parenting team?
  • The myth of the happy family
  • Relating to one’s own, and the partner’s, family of origin
  • Different family cultures
  • Divorce and then? What to consider in the second family building attempt?
  • How to guarantee children a secure foundation after divorce
  • The tasks of parenthood
  • The specifics and challenges of the early family life phase
  • What is important to consider when creating a well-functioning parenting team?
  • What does it consist of?
  • What different parenting styles exist
  • What is the difference between living every other week and being a parent every other week?