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Family Life: About Close Relationships


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For most people, close family relationships are the most important. It is not always clear how crucial family relationships often are for well-being, and therefore they greatly affect people. Conflicts with, for example, parents, partners, children, in-laws, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law tend to create an inner burden that is not easily overlooked. People cannot choose the family they are born into, a fact that makes us participate in life’s most comprehensive lottery where some draw a winning ticket and others a losing one. Unlike this lottery, project managers in the family they create can influence and shape relationships to a greater extent. This book serves as a reflection tool for those who wish to understand how close relationships can be shaped in a way that increases the chances of forming a healthy family.


Family structure

Couple relationship

  • Project managers
  • What to lead – the family’s circle of needs
  • The couple’s amorous relationship
  • Keeping the couple relationship alive – the love funnel

Parenting team

  • The tasks of parenthood
  • Different parenting styles
  • Generation boundary
  • Sibling relationships

The third generation

  • Evaluation and closure of the family project
  • Divorce
  • Family transformation and the child gets more families
  • The child’s unconditional right to their parents
  • The other adult The family life cycle Myths about the family
  • The family life cycle
  • Myths about the family